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           The products of the highest quality are made at the          

poultry factory «PB-NORD» LLC in Edinet

We believe in:

- Complete self-devotion to teamwork
- Self-perfection in everything we do
- Respecting our customers’ point of view
- Strict conformance to the only quality standard and observance of its compliance 
- We put the interest of our customers beyond everything
- To keep the customer, no matter how much it will cost  
- Recruiting of the highly qualified specialists to increase the quality of our products   
- In efficiency of the management from the bottom upwards
- Cross-training in all aspects of production
- Giving the employees an opportunity of self-fulfillment in their personal projects
- Developing responsibility for the successful way   
Basic activities:
• eating egg production;
• hatching egg production; 
• parent flock breeding; 
• young flock breeding; 
• incubation; 
• meat chicken production; 
• feed production; 
• sale and setting of agricultural equipment;
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Commune of Blesteni, district of Edinet, Republic of Moldova
Reception: +373 246 61242
Director: +373 246 94082
Chicken Sales Department: +373 246 61631 
Egg Sales Department: +373 22 539510 
Skype: pbnord
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