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petuxThe Moldovan – Dutch Joint Venture «PB-NORD» LLC was founded in 2005 by Vencomatic B.V., a Dutch company, and the Birladeans, a family from the North of the Republic of Moldova, on the territory of one of the biggest poultry production complex in the MSSR, which has been widely known within the entire territory of the Soviet Union.

The poultry factory of JV «PB-NORD» LLC is located at the area of 10,27 ha in the commune of Blesteni, district of Edinet, to the north of the Republic of Moldova. It lies on the outskirts of a picturesque big forest consisting mainly of oaks. Other natural beauty sights are located hereby, such as "Fetesti National Park", «Brinzeni Ravine» and the unique landscape monument «La Castel». The ecologically pure microclimate and ideal natural conditions perfectly contribute to the breeding of healthy poultry.



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Basic activities: • eating egg production;
• hatching egg production;
• parent flock breeding;
• young flock breeding;
• incubation;
• feed production;
• sale and setting of agricultural equipment.


The Joint Venture «PB-NORD» LLC is an enterprise of integrated production cycle. It means that all processes - from eggs obtaining and young flock breeding to supply of the products to the consumers - are performed and controlled inside the enterprise. The poultry factory has its own department of parent flock breeding, three departments of young flock breeding, one hatchery as well as three department of egg laying stock maintenance.

Chicken meat production direction (HUBBARD):
1. feed production
2. parent flock department
3. hatchery
4. young flock maintenance/breeding department
5. logistics
6. final customer
Eggs production direction                       (LOHMAN BROWN):
1. hatchery
2. feed production
3. young flock maintenance/breeding department
4. eating egg production department
5. logistics
6. final customer
The effective and rational use of the available funds and human resources, the technical and technological modernization, the implementation of the innovational economic management methods enabled the JV «PB-NORD» LLC to become a modern and successful enterprise. Currently, our poultry factory gives you the possibility to purchase our high-quality products.
The integrated food products quality and safety management system of the poultry factory of JV «PB-NORD» LLC has been certified for conformance to the requirements of the international standards ISO:9001 and ISO: 22000. The decision on development and implementation of the food products quality and safety management system based on the international standards ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 has been adopted by the management team of JV «PB-NORD» LLC for the purpose of guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products at each stage of production.

The production process is computer-aided: the factory is currently equipped with the modern sets of equipment of such worldwide leaders as Vencomatic  B.V. (Netherlands), HELLMANN poultry (Germany), VDL Agrotech (Netherlands), Ottevanger Milling Engineers (Netherlands), Prinzen B.V. (Netherlands), Fancom (Germany), SPECHT-TEN ELSEN GMBH & CO.  (Germany),  Dozamech (Poland).
The advanced technologies of poultry maintenance, computer-aided equipment, introduction of the highly productive crosses of chickens, balanced feeding contribute not only to the growth of the products output, but also to their quality.

The eating egg production line is presented by the German cross LOHMAN BROWN produced by Liaharensky Podnik, Nitra, Slovakia.

The parent flock is destined for providing the hatchery with a necessary quantity of the high-quality eggs of the final hybrid of the colored boiler of the HUBBARD cross. The parent flock consists of two female chick crosses Hubbard Redbro, Hubbard Ja 57 Ki  and four male chick crosses Hubbard Colorpac, Hubbard Redbro Cou Nu, Hubbard Gris Barre, Hubbard Master Gris produced by Hubbard S.A.S., Quintin, France. The poultry house is equipped with the modern watering, feeding systems and that of microclimate control. The egg collected is subject to strict selection; the egg that meets all requirements only goes to the hatchery.

The poultry factory of JV «PB-NORD» LLC in cooperation with our European partners has developed special nutrition rations on the natural feeds, which are balanced according to the basic nutrients, mineral substances and amino acids. Vitamin premix is supplied by our partner Koudijs Feed B.V. De Heus (Netherlands), which is recognized as a worldwide leader in this branch.

The balanced feeds and the modern synchronized system of poultry maintenance make it possible to produce the best eating egg, which has the treatment and prophylaxis effect, thanks to the high content of the certain elements beneficial to health.
Our products today are in great demand with the consumers. And it is the best reward for our tremendous labor.

Our deserved reputation is a fruit of labor of the poultry factory’s whole team. The competent and responsible team of the highly qualified specialists works at the enterprise of JV  «PB-NORD» LLC.
Commune of Blesteni, district of Edinet, Republic of Moldova
Reception: +373 246 61242
Director: +373 246 94082
Chicken Sales Department: +373 246 61631 
Egg Sales Department: +373 22 539510 
Skype: pbnord
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