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Egg is a creation apex of the nature; it is one of the most valuable food products. It is an essential part of people’s food since ancient times.


Chicken egg is a true unicum! It is one of a few products that are used around the world! Egg albumen is an ideal natural product recognized as a reference: all animal and vegetal albumens are compared to it. Egg contains almost all vitamins: А, D, E, F, В group vitamins, a high quantity of the microorganisms and macronutrient elements that are necessary for the organism.

The eggs of our poultry factory are produced from the elite, genetically healthy laying chickens and are safely protected from any diseases. The food rations of the layers consist of natural animal and vegetal feeds. No chemical elements, growth biological stimulators, gene engineering products are used for the feed. All this contributes to the production of ecologically pure and safe eating eggs.

High-quality egg is useful for the people of any age, since it is not only a dietetic product, but also a prophylactic agent for the inflammatory processes of the gastro-intestinal tract. Regular consumption of egg dishes is particularly indispensable for children, as well as for those who are involved in intellectual labor, given that there is a balanced content of amino acids and phospholipids in them, which are so necessary for the brain.


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