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Domestic chicken farming is a widely spread practice for many keepers of the private households in the Republic of Moldova.

Poultry farming does not require any big expenses and no limits are imposed on it. The main task of the Moldovan – Dutch Joint Venture «PB-NORD» LLC is to provide to the retail consumers the chicken cross of the high quality, which will meet all specific  requirements of the climate and location of the Republic of Moldova. Based on this thesis, the management of the poultry factory has made the decision to cooperate with the French company HUBBARD, the world leader on production of the colored broilers. The cross parent flock for chicken production for the retail consumers is represented by the colored broilers consisting of female chick crosses Hubbard Ja 57 Ki and five male chick crosses: Hubbard Master Gris, Hubbard Gris Barre Lourd, Hubbard Colorpac, Hubbard Redbro Cou Nu, Hubbard Tricolor.
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