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 Mission: "To produce ecologically pure and safe natural products for ensuring the high quality of   consumers’ life".  

Strategic purpose: to maintain the position of the leader in the chicken sale to the retail consumers on a nationwide scale.

Ensuring the financial stability of the company through the effective realization of the management system at each stage of production as well as its resources.
- Achievement of the medium value of the consumers’ satisfaction according to the quality indicators.
- Ensuring and guaranteeing quality of the products conforming to the high standards of the national and international normative documents and standards.
-  Focus orientation to the consumers’ preferences.
- Extension of the distribution at the markets of its presence by developing a long-term partnership.

- To increase the production volume.
- To support the company’s image as a reliable producer of the high-quality and safe products.
- To increase systematically the business competence and professional training of the whole personnel.
- To ensure the output of the products that are of high quality and safe for the man’s life and health by collecting and analyzing the data on the processes of the quality management, continuous improvement and control of these processes based on the objective information.
- To perform systematically the task-oriented marketing researches to ensure the consumers’ satisfaction and to analyze the market in the sphere of producers of this branch.
- To create a beneficial moral and psychological climate that enables to use fully the creative potential of each employee.

Company’s values 
- Effective functioning of the Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standards and its continuous improvement.
- Personnel’s compliance of the requirements on the processes and on the products that are established in the normative and internal documents.
-  Implementation of the advanced technologies based on the newest achievements of the science and practice for the purpose of improvement and achievement of the high quality values of the products.
- Social responsibility, and namely: effective motivation of the personnel labor, its continuous training, information and cultivation of the teach spirit in work.
- Systematical analysis of the results achieved by the top management and subsequent activity on its improvement.
- Uninterrupted study of the demands, requirements and wishes of the consumers for the purpose of growth of their satisfaction in quality and safety of the products;
- Permanent audit of the suppliers of feed, package and other materials for the purpose of guaranteeing the high quality and safety of the products supplied;
- Systematic control and analysis of the safety of the products;
- Application of the advanced innovation technologies in the production of the products, taking in account the requirements of time and particularities of region development and as a consequence: increase of the quality and safety of the products;
-  Raising the company’s personnel qualification level permanently;
- Increasing the social interest of the employees, ensuring their loyalty in the organization through the improvement of the material stimulation system, granting various benefits, compensations and bonuses;

- Maintenance of the Foods Products Safety Management System under the operational conditions based on the principles of HACCP applicable to the production of edible chicken eggs;

Our work is built on the following principles:
To satisfy our products’ consumers to the maximum degree by the products quality and cost, and to satisfy our products’ distributors by the service we provide.
To create conditions for promotion of all dignified persons and to conceive them as personalities with all their accomplishments and merits.
To involve the employees in the quality management, to motivate any ideas and proposals directed to the continuous improvement of all spheres of the company activity, to increase the team’s competence on the company work, to set liability for the quality.
To create conditions for the technological advancement and upgrading, quick development and flexibility in the production modernization process, to prevent appearance of any unconformity in all processes and technologies.
To ensure the effective interaction with the partners: suppliers and contractors as well as with the other concerned parties through their involvement in the process of continuous quality improvement.
To be responsible not only for the safety of our products to the consumers, but also for the safety of our production method to the society as a whole.


Procurement Policy
The purpose of the procurement policy of the poultry factory JV «PB-NORD» LLC is purchasing of the feed ingredients, work and services under the terms and conditions that are the most advantageous for the poultry factory.

The procurement policy of JV «PB-NORD» LLC is based on the following principles:

mutual guarantees 

The principle of competition is realized by performing procurement on a competitive basis by comparing the offers of suppliers according to the preliminarily approved criteria, which results in the choice of the best offer.
The principle of openness is realized by the fact that all stages of the procurement based on the competition, starting from the conditions establishment up to the declaration of winners, are performed by the commission.
The principle of equality consists in the fact that terms and conditions of tender performing, criteria and order of the winner determination are set preliminarily and are the same for all participants.
The principle of durability means that JV «PB-NORD» LLC and its suppliers must be sure of the durability of the commercial relations.
The principle of mutual guarantees implies provision of guarantees on payment for the goods, work and services in the framework of the commercial relations of the poultry factory and its suppliers.
The standard procurement form for JV «PB-NORD» LLC is procurement under the condition of payment upon delivery with a deferment possibility. Meanwhile, we guarantee promptitude and accuracy in payment to our counterparties.
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