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Chicken meat
Many of us like and regularly prepare chicken. It includes a lot of protein and amino acids, and it has more less calories that the other types of meat. Chicken is useful for our immune system, because it has a lot of microelements which allows you to create a protective barrier for the body. The chicken meat becomes the basis of the mass of different dishes and a useful addition to the daily menu. Benefit and harm of chicken mostly depends on cooking of the chicken breed and of course, how it was grown. The company "PB-NORD" provides Your family and you the unique product with no analogues in the Republic of Moldova and the Soviet Union! “The French domestic chicken" – a chicken hybrid of the French company "HUBBARD", which was grown in the North of Moldova in conditions related to natural! The "PB-NORD" chicken is an unique cross bird which is a world selection standard, the chickens use natural feeds, without antibiotics and hormones, use the clean water, use the fresh air and have open air free range conditions, which offer to our customers fresh, high-quality tasted chicken meat! You can be sure about high quality of this healthy diet food and its excellent freshness. From the slaughter of the birds to the delivery to the buyer of the product "Puiul din Copilarie" (the chicken from our childhood) on our refrigerating-car gets no more than a day! Bon Appetit! 
Pui din copilarie
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